When is the team’s season? When do we train?

The season kicks off in December and runs through the Spring. Races are late February through May. There are four regular season races, a league championship, and a state championship.

We hold two regular practices per week, one midweek, after school, and the other on Sunday morning. Before Daylight Savings Time begins, the midweek practice is indoor  spin classes and core / flexibility classes at our sponsor CRUfit on Medau Pl in the Montclair neighborhood of Oakland. After DST begins, they are outdoors (weather permitting). Sunday morning practices are outdoor rides, 9:30 -12:30. We generally meet at Joaquin Miller Park in the Oakland Hills.

What kind of commitment is expected?

We expect regular attendance at our team trainings—at least one team practice per week. Practicing with the team means you’ll get more out of the experience, and become a better rider. If you do decide to race and be part of our group that trains for and travels to NorCal races, there will be an expectation around your attendance at a minimum number of those races.

Being part of Oakland Composite also means being a good “citizen” out there on the trails, representing our greater mountain biking community. As such, you’ll learn about safety and trail etiquette as we are sharing our local trails with other users, like hikers and equestrians. Helping to maintain our trails is a way to “give back,” too, so we’ll organize trail building / volunteering opportunities and request your participation.

What is expected from parents/families?

You and your family can also help Oakland Composite in a number of ways:

  • Raising awareness about the team, and recruiting any friends who have bikes and want to ride.

  • Sign up to support the team in planning and organizing including (team manager, food coordinator for races, social media, coordinate fun raising). All the coaches for the High School teams are volunteers. If we share the responsibilities of the team, it will make everyone’s jobs easier.

  • Volunteering at races (there’s TONS to do at races!), as well as at any team activities or fundraisers

  • Supporting our current team sponsors -- Team Oakland, the Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay (BTCEB), Cycle Sports bike shop, CRUfit fitness club.

  • Donating to Oakland Composite and recruiting additional sponsors to support the team -- more information is on our team website, on the “Sponsor” page.

How do we train?

All of our coaches are trained, licensed and experienced with training kids to be safe, have fun and go fast on a bike. We have a training plan tailored to the team, the days we’ll race, and which scales from beginners (Freshman) through advanced riders (JV & Varsity). All racers and coaches will follow this plan.

How do we balance bike training and racing with other commitments?

Our general approach is that family and school come first. Student athletes get their homework done, help out around the house, take care of their commitments, then they practice and work out.  Practice and training are not excuses to not do chores, homework or go to grandma’s birthday. Our goal is to help create good, well-rounded students, good, well-rounded adults.  

When and where are the races?

Six races are held each year, starting in February and ending in May with the State Championships. Races are held on either Saturdays or Sundays at locations throughout Northern California. The 2019 Race Calendar is here. Oakland Composite races on “South Conference” days. To better understand what a Mountain Bike Race is all about, check out our videos page. Many of the videos highlight current and past Oakland Riders.

What other resources are there for training this season?

NorCal’s Winter Camps!!! These sleepaway camps are a great way for riders of all levels to improve their skills, hang out with riders from other schools, and have a good time riding bikes! Hosted by League staff, guest skills instructors, and top-notch League coaches, these camps take place on some of the best trails in Marin. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis and space is limited.