Be A Coach

Come Ride with us! You can ride 1 time using a NICA waiver to see if would be interested in joining Oakland Composite as a Coach.

  1. Print out this waiver, fill out and sign. All riders must fill out and bring on ride day.

  2. Check out the NICA Coaching Resource Guide HERE.

  3. The Head coach will invite you to be a coach through NICA PitZone. Please Accept and Login, so we know you have receive it.

    The process to become a level 1 coach (or to be able to go on rides will our teams) will take about 3 hours of your time and can be completed from your computer.

    1. background check (can take 2-3 days to get back)

    2. Review a Participation Agreement

    3. Risk Management Online Class

    4. Online Conconssion Class.

Thank you for your interest in being a Licensed Volunteer or Coach for our Oakland Composite High School Mountain Bike Team. Your help is the backbone in creating a safe, positive and fun experience for our riders.

In order to ride with the Oakland Composite Mountain Bike Team you must be fully certified as a Level 1 NICA Volunteer Coach. At the beginning of the season, you are allowed to accompany the kids on only one ride after signing a NICA Waiver. Thereafter, you must fully complete the process of a Level 1 coach. This is necessary to ensure that all adults interacting with our young athletes are properly trained and vetted to keep our kids safe.

Below I have provided an overview of NICA’s License Program and the steps to completing the online forms and videos.


 Coach License Program

The purpose of NICA Coach License Program is to provide comprehensive training to NICA coaches so that they are equipped to provide quality programming to NICA student-athletes that meet national standards and best practices and develops strong mind, body and character.

NICA license certification also aids in protecting volunteers and riders with insurance, as well as protect our youth with background checks. Obtaining a NICA license includes benefits beyond the knowledge that comes with the training and the insurance program. Thanks to our generous NICA sponsors, licensed volunteers enjoy a number of discounts and other perks. These benefits vary by license level and also by League, click here for more information.

Here you will find all the information you need about the different License Levels, information/links on the requirements and Frequently Asked Questions.

There are 3 coaching levels:

  • Level 1: Volunteer - mandatory to accompany us on team rides

  • Level 2: Assistant Coach, or Ride Lead

  • Level 3: Head Coach or Director

The requirements for each level are at


To help navigate Level 1 License Process - We have provided the steps you must take to complete the certification process.

  1. Request from Justin Binder (Oakland Composite head coach) or your teams Head Coach an invite via email to Pitzone as a Coach

  2. If you are new to Oakland Composite or High School Mountain Biking and registering your rider and coach, there will be separate Pitzone email invitations and a step by step process for registering your student rider and an additional step by step process for registering as a coach.

  3. The Registration and Participation Agreement, Coaches Fee and background check will take about 30-45 minutes and we recommend completing ASAP because the background check can take a couple of days.

  4. The final steps are to watch 2 videos about concussions and risk management and then take a test for each (each will take about 45 minute). After each quiz you must take a screenshot or save results as a pdf and upload into your Pitzone account.

Ready to Get Started or Finish your Level 1 certification?

After Logging into Pitzone:

  1. Find:  Oakland Composite Mountain Bike Team Coach (near the top)

  2. There should be an invitation here to begin registering if you are just starting the process (this will take you through steps of completing a-c (participation agreement, Coaching License feed & Background check).

  3. Click on Coach Profile if you have already started the process of becoming a Level 1 volunteer/coach. There are 5 items that must be completed for certification. The coach profile will outline what portion of your license has been approved and what you still need to complete.

    1. Participation Agreement (is completed during registration process)

    2. Coaching License Fee (this can be reimbursed by providing a request and receipt to Justin)

    3. Background Check (this can be reimbursed by providing a request and receipt to Justin)

    4. CDC Heads Up Training for 2018 Video and Test -  To find the video click the link at the top of the License Level page (Learn more about the Coaches License Program here.)  You will need to create a username and password for NFHS website to access the video and quiz. Upload your passing test results into your Pitzone License Status page under your profile.

    5. Risk Management 1 for 2018 & Test- Video can be found at link at top of Pitzone License Status Page (Learn more about the Coaches License Program here.) You will need to create a NICA username and passcode to take the test. Then upload your results tot the Pitzone License Status Page.

Once you have completed and uploaded all documentation to Pitzone, NICA will review all information and update your profile and certify your Level 1 certification. This process can take a few days.

Please contact Justin at, if you have any questions with this process.

Now that you have figured out how to navigate the process of Level 1, it is pretty straight forward to begin the Level 2 Coaching License. We need many Level 1 and Level 2 Coaches. So once you have completed your level 1 license, please consider working on getting your Level 2 license this season!

We truly appreciate your time, commitment and energy to make our High School Mountain Bike Teams a safe, positive and fun experience for our riders and volunteers